Information Briefs

iStock 483178150During the 2019-2021 biennium, PAME developed two Information Briefs with the aim to leverage and synthesize factual information from the Arctic Council’s work on these topics and communicate to decision makers and the public, as well as contribute to cross-working group cooperation on common topics:

  • Marine Protected Areas in a Changing Arctic
  • Indigenous Food Security in the Arctic - Implications of a Changing Ocean

The Information Brief on Marine Protected Areas in a Changing Arctic summarizes how climate change affects the Arctic marine environment, from ecosystem and habitat impacts to driving changes in human activities, and highlights marine protected areas as a tool for Arctic resilience.

The Information Brief on Indigenous Food Security in the Arctic - Implications of a Changing Ocean focuses on how climate change affects Arctic Indigenous food systems, in particular resources, culture, and health tied to marine environments, and highlights examples of adaptive responses in ocean management.

These Information Briefs were developed in close collaboration with AMAP, CAFF and Permanent Participants. Their translation into the Arctic States’ main and minority languages will be explored.

As of 2021-2023, PAME will continue to develop Information Briefs. PAME plans to establish a joint PAME/CAFF scoping team to scope possible content and areas of focus for the Briefs, on a topic or topics related to joint PAME/CAFF activities under the broad theme of biodiversity, including consideration of what would be feasible and most valuable to present during this biennium. The co-leads will work with a Arctic States, PPs, and relevant Observers to develop further Information Briefs.

Project co-leads: Finland and the United States

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