Guidelines for EA Implementation

In EA Guidelines2011, the Ministers established an expert group on Arctic ecosystem-based management (EBM), which reviewed the EA (or EBM) concept and provided a definition of EA along with principles and recommendations that were adopted as part of the Kiruna Declaration in 2013. In Iqaluit in 2015, and in Fairbanks in 2017, the Arctic Council Ministers recognized the need for EA and requested and encouraged the development of practical guidelines for EA implementation in the Arctic.

The objective of the 6th EA workshop was to scope and start work on development of guidelines for EA in the Arctic. The guidelines presented here are the culmination of the discussions at all of the workshops, and the participation of the scientists, managers, community leaders and representatives of Permanent Participants who attended is greatly appreciated by the Joint EA-EG.

These first guidelines are developed to assist scientists, policy-makers, managers and communities in implementing an ecosystem approach for Arctic marine ecosystems.

EA Guidelines (May 2019)


Revise of the EA Framework and development of a tool for following EA implementation in the Arctic LMEs

In 2021-2023, PAME will elaborate from the six-point EBM framework described in the 2019 Guidelines for Implementing an Ecosystems Approach, and assess relevant EA information within the Arctic Council with the aim to strengthen the integration of an ecosystem approach into assessments and management recommendations.

Main activities:

  1. Reviewing and synthesize existing EA literature from reports of the EA EG and relevant EA literature globally (literature review);
  2. Describing new element of the EA framework (“Monitoring” and “Advisory products”)
  3. Producing a new EA circular figure with a in depth explanation;
  4. Map and summarize information from Arctic Council WGs of relevance to EA;
  5. Produce a communications strategy (e.g., conferences, workshops, Toolbox to guide future EA implementation); and,
  6. Develop a tool for ongoing reporting mechanism on EA implementation in the Arctic Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs).

Leads: Norway and the United States in close collaboration with the EA expert group


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