PAME Work Plan

PAME WP Cover v3 The PAME 2021-2023 Work Plan was developed in accordance with: PAME’s mandate; priorities identified and recommendations made within Arctic Council approved reports; direction provided from Ministerial declarations; follow-ups on recommendations from Arctic Council projects and the AMSP (2015-2025), which outlines the overall direction of the Arctic Council for the protection of the Arctic marine environment; and policy follow-up on the scientific and other relevant assessments of the Arctic Council. Additional project proposals may be developed within the scope of this WP between 2021-2023, subject to PAME approval, confirmed lead/co-lead commitment and financing.

PAME Projects and activities in the 2021-2023 Work Plan
Arctic Marine Shipping
(12 activities)
  1. Arctic Shipping Status Reports (ASSR)
  2. New Low Sulphur Fuels, Fate, and Behavior in Cold Water Conditions
  3. Underwater Noise in the Arctic: Understanding Impacts and Defining Management Solutions - Phase II
  4. Collaboration with the Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC)
  5. Systematically Strengthening Observer Engagement in PAME’s Shipping Work
  6. Arctic Ship Traffic Data (ASTD) System
  7. The Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum
  8. Interpretation of the Polar Code
  9. Wastewater Discharges from Vessels in the Arctic - A Survey of Current Practices
  10. Arctic Port Reception Facilities Inventory
  11. Arctic Arrangement for Regional Reception Facilities
  12. Raising awareness in the Arctic Council of the provisions of the 2012 Cape Town Agreement for the safety of fishing vessels
  13. Marine Invasive Alien Species in Arctic Waters (joint PAME-CAFF Project)
Marine Litter in the Arctic
(4 activities)
  1. Develop an Implementation Plan for the Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter in the Arctic (ML-RAP)
  2. Arctic Coastal Cleanup
  3. Fishing Practice & Gear Inventory: Enhancing Understanding of Abandoned Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG)
  4. Marine Litter Communication and Outreach Activities
Marine Protected Areas
(6 activities)
  1. Continue the project on Modelling Arctic Oceanographic Connectivity, with the inclusion of the Central Arctic Ocean, to further develop PAME’s Marine Protected Areas Toolbox
  2. Different Ways of Knowing: Applying Indigenous and Local Knowledge and Scientific Information to Arctic Conservation Planning
  3. Develop additional Information Briefs on the Arctic marine environment under change
  4. Revisiting the Framework for a Pan-Arctic Network of MPAs (2015) for potential updates
  5. Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECM) in the Arctic Marine Environment (joint PAME-CAFF Project)
  6. Expansion and refinement of the MPA-Network Toolbox
Ecosystem Approach to Management
(7 activities)
  1. 7th EA Workshop on values and valuation of the cultural, social and economic goods and services produced by the ecosystems
  2. Third International Science and Policy Conference on Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Arctic
  3. Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) of the Central Arctic Ocean (WGICA)
  4. Revise the Ecosystem Approach Framework (EA) and develop a tool for following EA implementation in the Arctic LMEs
  5. Report on development in defining or setting Ecological objectives
  6. Synthesis Report on Ecosystem Status, Human Impact and Management Measures in the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO)
  7. Concept paper on further cooperation under the Arctic Council on Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM/EA) of Arctic marine ecosystems
Resource Exploration and Development
(4 activities)
  1. Meaningful Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Marine Activities (MEMA): Outreach and Next Steps
  2. Management of Arctic Marine Oil and Gas Associated Noise
  3. Update the Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Regulatory Resource (AOOGRR)
  4. Existing Waste Management Practices and Pollution Control for Marine and Coastal Mining


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