FAQs by Arctic Council Observers

observerfaqPAME published the document "Observer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in February 2024. These FAQs were developed by the USA, Poland, South Korea, and the Northern Forum as co-leads of the PAME project titled “A Framework for More Systematically Engaging with Observers on Shipping Related Matters."
The document contains answers to the following questions: 
  1. What is PAME?
  2. Who are PAME’s members?
  3. What role do Arctic States play?
  4. What role do Permanent Participants Play?
  5. How often does PAME meet?
  6. Where does PAME meet?
  7. How many Observers does PAME have?
  8. What role may Observers play at PAME meetings?
  9. May Observers speak at PAME meetings?
  10. May Observers submit papers in advance of PAME meetings for consideration by the Working Group?
  11. May Observers access documents submitted for consideration at PAME meetings?
  12. May Observers participate in or lead PAME projects?
  13. May Observers contribute funding to PAME projects?
  14. May Observers host PAME project webinars and workshops?
  15. May Observers participate in PAME Shipping Expert Group (SEG) calls?
  16. May Observers participate in PAME’s Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum?
  17. May Observers influence decisions made at PAME? If so, how?
  18. What rules apply to Observer participation in PAME meetings?
  19. How else may Observers contribute to PAME’s work?
  20. What role does the PAME Secretariat play?
  21. Does PAME have any relationships with outside bodies?
  22. What is the role of the Indigenous People’s Secretariat?
  23. How is PAME funded?
  24. May PAME adopt legally binding measures?
  25. What is PAME's relationship with the International Maritime Organization (IMO)?
  26. What are some examples of PAME projects to which Observers have contributed?

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