Celebrating 25 years of the Arctic Council

Screenshot 595On 19 September 1996, the eight Arctic States signed the Ottawa Declaration, establishing the Arctic Council to enhance cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States, Arctic Indigenous Peoples and other Arctic inhabitants. When the Council was established 25 years ago, it was one of the first major arenas for cooperation between the Arctic States following the Cold War. Today, the Council has grown into an influential forum that has created trustful relationships between the Arctic States and Indigenous Peoples. The Council produces ground-breaking reports, contributes to international conventions and legally binding agreements, and coordinates joint action on the most vital issues in the region.

The Arctic Council’s work has always centered around improving the well-being of Arctic inhabitants, protecting the Arctic environment and promoting sustainable development throughout the region. As climate change continues to rapidly impact the Arctic, warming three times faster than any other place in the world, the Council’s work is evermore important to promote a positive agenda and coordinate joint action to secure a prosperous future for all inhabitants.

Both the current PAME Chair, Jessica Nilsson from Sweden, and the first Chair of PAME, Per Schive, have sent video messages to celebrate!

Arctic Council for 25 years
Video messages celebrating the anniversary (September 2021)
Pame Chair: Jessica Nilsson
First PAME Chair: Per Schive

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