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IMG 8220 copyPAME generates many reports and documents through its work. They include reports from the PAME Working Group meeting reports, which meets twice per year and approves Records of Decisions from each meeting. These RoD's help guide work intersessionally.

The meeting reports includes these decisions, as well as information on participants. PAME also delivers reports to each Arctic Council Ministerial meeting, held bi-annually. These can be both documents for approval, which results in the Arctic Council Member States to unanimously approve the content of the report, to mire general information documents.

Finally, PAME reports to the Senior Arctic Officials, to communicate the work of PAME to the SAO's, to report to their respective member state.


Folder PAME Working Group Meeting Reports

The PAME Working Group generally meets twice per year. Each meeting produces Records of Decisions (RoD's) which form the basis for the meeting reports. The RoD's are decisions taken by PAME by consensus. Participation between meetings varies, but each Arctic Council Member State nominates experts for the meetings, which are also open to the Permanent Participants, Observers in addition to experts invited by PAME.

Folder Reports to the Senior Arctic Officials

The reports to the Senior Arctic Officials are generally short and concise overviews of the PAME working group proceeedings between SAO meetings. They give an update and overview on ongoing projects. SAO meetings are held regularly but progress reports are generally released once or twice per year.

Folder PAME Ministerial Deliverables

The Ministerial Deliverables can be either for approval by Ministers, or as information items. They range from progress reports to new reports and updates to others. Ministerial meetings are held every two years.
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