Second International Science and Policy Conference on Implementation of Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Arctic

Second International Science and Policy Conference on:

Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach
to Management in the Arctic:

Integrating information at different scales in the framework of EA implementation

logosWhere: Bergen, Norway
When: 25-27 June
Registration: Click here to register (1st of May deadline)
Abstract submission: Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 1st of April (extended deadline)

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The Ecosystem Approach to Management (EA) is a widely adopted management principle that requires integrated management across sectors of human activities to achieve sustainable use of natural resources while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. The EA approach has been acknowledged, defined and adopted by the Arctic states working under the Arctic Council. In 2013 (Kiruna Declaration), the Arctic Council agreed that there was a need for periodic reviews of EA implementation in the Arctic to exchange information on integrated assessment and management experiences. A first international conference was held in Fairbanks, Alaska, in August 2016 to review status of EA implementation. A second Arctic EA conference will be held in Bergen, Norway, in early summer 2019.

Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) have been recognized as appropriate scale and units to apply the EA to management of the Arctic marine and coastal environment, with due recognition of their open boundaries and the need to integrate information and management across different scales within and beyond an LME. The second conference to review EA implementation in the Arctic will focus on the scale integration issue. Scale integration in the context of EA implementation applies equally to the natural and social sciences that provide the knowledge base for decisions (e.g. through Integrated Ecosystem Assessment), and the management structures and processes where management decisions are made. Local and Traditional Knowledge (LTK) provides equally important information and insight about scale integration, EA implementation and management. LTK will be an element of all topics and discussions during the Conference.

At the 2nd conference we are seeking to elucidate the issue of scale and scale integration in six topics related to the EA implementation framework:
  1. Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
  2. Ecological Quality Objectives
  3. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and other special areas
  4. National EA implementation by Arctic states
  5. The Central Arctic Ocean

A program for the conference will be drawn up by a conference planning group with members from Arctic states, Permanent Participants, Arctic Council working groups, and international organizations including ICES and PICES. We plan a combination of invited presentations and contributions from conference participants. We are seeking contributions (oral presentations or posters) focusing on the scale issue for the five topics listed above. While the conference is about EA implementation in the Arctic, we welcome contributions also from outside the Arctic which can add perspectives and experiences from EA implementation elsewhere.

Important dates:
20 March 2019 – deadline for abstract submission and pre-registration
1 April 2019 – Preliminary program with speakers will be circulated
1 May 2019 – Final registration

Meeting logistics:
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Please note that hotels in Bergen are filling up very fast at this time of the year so you are urged to book your hotel the soonest.