PAME Reports

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The PAME Working Group generally meets twice per year. Each meeting produces Records of Decisions which form the basis for the meeting reports. Click on titles to open PDF documents in a new window. The reports to the Senior Arctic Officials are generally short and concise overviews of the PAME working group proceeedings between SAO meetings. They give an update and overview on ongoing projects. SAO meetings are held regularly but progress reports are generally released once per year. The reports to the Ministes are releases from PAME on numerous subject the working group works towards. They range from progress reports to new reports and updates to others. They are releases every two years and put forward to ministers for approval as official Arctic Council reports.

PAME-I: Copenhagen (Denmark)
PAME-II: Helsinki (Finland)

PAME I: Stockholm (Sweden)
PAME II: Portland, Maine (USA)

PAME I: Akureyri (Iceland) 
PAME II: Tromsö (Norway)

PAME I: Girdwood, Alaska (USA)
PAME II: Whitehorse (Canada)

PAME I: Rovaniemi (Finland)
PAME II: Rostov-on-Don (Russia) 

PAME I: Stockholm (Sweden)
PAME II: Halifax (Canada)

PAME I: Oslo (Norway)
PAME II: Reykjavík (Iceland)

PAME I: Copenhagen (Denmark)
PAME II: Washington D.C (USA)

PAME I: Oslo (Norway)

PAME I: St. Johns, Newfoundland (Canada)
PAME II: Helsinki (Finland)

PAME I: Copenhagen (Denmark)
PAME II: Reykjavík (Iceland)
RPA Workshop, Reykjavík (Iceland)

PAME I: Oslo (Norway)
PAME II: Murmansk (Russia)

PAME I: Copenhagen (Denmark)
PAME II: Aalborg (Denmark)

PAME I: Helsinki (Finland)
AMSP Meeting Report, Reykjavík (Iceland)

PAME I: Stockholm (Sweden)

PAME I: Reykjavík (Iceland)

PAME I: Washington D.C. (USA)
PAME II: Moscow (Russia)

PAME I: Copenhagen (Denmark)

PAME I: Ottawa (Canada)
PAME II: Akureyri (Iceland)

2015: Iqaluit (Canada)

2014: Yellowknife (Canada)
 - Progress report (Oct)

2013: Rostov-on-Don (Russia)
2010: Ilulissat (Greenland)

2009: Copenhagen (Denmark)
Other documents:
AMSA Follow up
AOR Project

2008: Kautokeino (Norway)
Other documents:
PAME Presentation to SAO's
Proposed AMSA Document and Process/Timeline to Ministerial 2009
Observed Best Practices Document

2008: Svolvær (Norway)
Other documents:
PAME Presentation to SAO´s
AMSA Presentation to SAO´s

2007: Narvik (Norway)
Other documents:
PAME Presentation to SAO´s 
AMSA Presentation to SAO´s 
AMSA Progress Report 
RPA Presentation to SAO´s 
RPA Progress Report 
Updated list of Projects and Activities 

2007: Tromsö (Norway)
Other documents:
PAME Presentation to SAO´s 
AMSA Presentation to SAO´s 

2006: Syktyvkar (Russia)
Other documents:
PAME Presentation to SAO´s

2005: Khanty-Mansvisk (Russia)
Other documents:
PAME Presentation to SAO´s 

2005: Yakutsk (Russia)

2004: Selfoss (Iceland)

2003: Reykjavík (Iceland)

2003: Svartsengi (Iceland)

2002: Oulu (Finland)

2001: Espoo (Finland)

2001: Rovaniemi, Finland

2000: Barrow (Alaska, USA)

2000: Fairbanks (Alaska, USA)

2017: 10th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting, Fairbanks, Alaska (USA)

Reports for approval:
Reports for information:

2015: 9th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting, Iqaluit (Canada)

2013: 8th Ministerial meeting, Kiruna (Sweden)

2011: 7th Ministerial Meeting, Nuuk (Greenland)

2009: 6th Ministerial Meeting, Tromsø (Norway)

2007: 5th Ministerial Meeting, Salekhard (Russia)