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The Ottawa Declaration of 1996 formally established the Arctic Council as a high level intergovernmental forum to provide a means for promoting cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States, with the involvement of the Arctic Indigenous communities and other Arctic inhabitants on common Arctic issues, in particular issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic.


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The scientific work of the Arctic Council is carried out in six expert working groups focusing on such issues as monitoring, assessing and preventing pollution in the Arctic, climate change, biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, emergency preparedness and prevention in addition to the living conditions of the Arctic residents.


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AMSA Background Research Documents

Background Research Documents for the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment


The research reports posted here constitute the background research documents completed in support of the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment 2009. These reports have neither been reviewed nor endorsed by the Arctic state governments or PAME and, therefore, represent only the views of the various experts and authors that produced them. The reports have served the purpose of providing background information for the lead countries in their work on the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment 2009 report, released at the Arctic Ministerial meeting April, 29-30 2009.


In the process of bringing together the AMSA 2009 report, a large body of research was created, including a range of reports resulting from a range of activities including; 13 AMSA workshops, 14 AMSA town hall meetings, the AMSA Data Survey, special reports created by maritime experts, and reviews of AMSA topics drafted by lead and contributing authors. The AMSA background research documents give readers the opportunity to see the more in-depth analysis and research completed by the lead authors and experts in support of the AMSA 2009 report.


In carrying out the AMSA, seven main topic areas were indentified which guided the work. An eighth topic is included which is an AMSA Research Needs compilation developed by the AMSA lead and contributing authors. The main topics were identified prior to drafting the AMSA 2009 report and therefore do not correspond directly with the section topics in the AMSA 2009 report. The various research documents presented here are grouped according to the original seven topics. These documents have not been reviewed or endorsed by the Arctic state governments and, therefore, represent only the views of the various experts and authors that produced the reports.



Topic 1: Introduction to Arctic Shipping and Geography

Topic 2: History and Governance of Arctic Shipping

Topic 3: 2004 Arctic Marine Activity Database

Topic 4: Human Dimensions of Arctic Marine Activities

Topic 5: Scenarios

Topic 6: Environmental Impacts

Topic 7: Infrastructure

Topic 8: AMSA Research Agenda



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